Great Trek

5 Days – 5 Nights

A long-distance trekking through the different landscapes of Wadi Rum. Explore Wadi Rum desert in a peaceful way, taking time to discover some of the highlights and some more remote areas, with itinerant camping under the stars.

Price :

2 persons: 300 JOD per person / ≈ 425$

3 to 6 persons : 250 JOD per person / ≈ 350$

Our program :

Day 1

From the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, you will hike through Makharas Canyon to reach Um Ishrin Valley, for 3 hours.
After lunch, you will join the entrance of Barrah Canyon to camp there, under the stars.

Day 2

In the morning, you will cross Barrah Canyon, which is famous for climbers (3 hours).
In the afternoon, you will walk in the valley of Abu Ahmat to reach Jebel Burdah. You will have dinner there and spend the night.

Day 3

After breakfast, you will climb the Burdah Rock Bridge, which needs around 4 hours, and enjoy the amazing view on the desert, before going down for lunch.
After lunch, you will hike through Karoba Valley for 3 hours. Dinner and overnight in a different place.

Day 4

You will hike for 3 hours to reach Jebel Khash, closed to Saudia Arabia border ; you will go up to this mountain to take advantage of the view.
After lunch, you will cross Wadi Nashra Canyon and its beautiful white sand, to reach the night camp, near Jebel Abu Amata.

Day 5

In the morning, you will hike from Wadi Sabet Canyon, to enjoy the different colors of sand.
After lunch, you will follow the Lawrence of Arabia Road to reach the camp for a last night, and enjoy the sunset.

Day 6

After breakfast, you will go back to the village.

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