A day with Bedouins

1 Day - 1 Night

With a mix of Jeep and small walks, you will visit all the main Wadi Rum highlights (Lawrence spring, Khazali canyon, the red sand dunes, Anfishieh inscriptions, mushroom rock, Lawrence house, Um Fruth rock bridge...), admire sunset and experience sleeping in wild desert.

Price :

1 person: 90 JOD (if not joining a group) / ≈ 125 $

2 persons : 55 JOD per person / ≈ 75$

3 to 6 persons : 45 JOD per person / ≈ 60$


Departure around 9:30 am from Rum village. The next morning we will drive you back to the village around 8.00 am. Time can possibly be adapted upon request.

Our program :

Lawrence Spring:
Walk up through rocks and boulders to find the water (and a lovely fig tree to rest under). During spring time, you are greeted by the heady smell of herbs. The view across the Wadi from here is legendary !

Khazali Canyon:
This canyon was once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, especially in the hot summer. You can find on the canyon walls many ancient rock inscriptions. Will you be able to spot the inscriptions of feet, and the lady giving birth ?!

Red Sand Dunes:
This area is beautiful with its many differing colours of rock and sand. You can climb up the sand dune for the wonderful view at the top. Then, you can choose to jump off it or run down it (some silly people also like to roll down it!).

Anfishieh Inscriptions:
Rock inscriptions on the Anfishieh Jebel from the Thamudic and Nabatean periods. Then lunch : we do not have a fixed time or place for lunch so we will use our instincts and listen to our tummies ! However, we will always find a good place to relax and eat lunch, often with a view of the Burdah Arch. During the longer days of the summer, we visit Burrah canyon for lunch where you are free to explore on foot for up to 1.5 hours.

Burdah Arch:
This natural rock bridge is set high up on the mountain. On your tour, you will just look at it from a distance… we hope you will have time to stay in Wadi Rum and climb it with us on another day. (See our scrambling program).

House of Lawrence:
A Nabatean structure that Lawrence of Arabia, according to hearsay, used during the Great Arab Revolution to store weapons. But without lingering on the possible academia of this site, there is a wonderful view from here.

Um Fruth Arch:
This is a natural rock bridge, created by many years of water and wind. You can climb to the top… as long as you are not afraid of heights ! Then move to the bivouac place where you can enjoy the sunset, relax around the fire camp and sip a comforting bedouin tea, before savoring the fire-cooked dinner, listening for the songs and stories of your bedouin guide and spending the night under the stars. Go back to the village the next morning.

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