Jordan Nomads



Choose the best way to discover a unique landscape


For a 1-day trip or a 8-day itinerary, we can build the program of your dreams to discover the splendors of Wadi Rum desert. Our all-inclusive programs include all the comfort and services required to enjoy a unique and safe experience of the wild desert.

Traditionnal meals are prepared every day by our staff and after a full day of adventures, our guests can relax around the fire and enjoy the Bedouin hospitality. Itinerant bivouacs, respectful of the nature and in the wild desert, are provided for the night as well as drinking and washing water.




Walking through canyons and open valleys surrounded by spectacular sandstone mountains guided by a bedouin  guide from the Zalabiah tribe of Wadi Rum
Price: from 45 JD /person/day including night in bivouac
Info: Walk a set route from one point to another (around 5-6 hours walk/day).
It doesn’t require any specific skills, and it is accessible to anyone.
Nights are spent in bivouac, in incredible sites such as caves or at the foot of steep cliffs. We organize it from 1 day  and up…



Ride camels through the desert and enjoy the silence that using camels as your mounts provides. Riding camels is a very pleasant way to be in contact with bedouin culture, by moving at a natural pace.
Price: from 10 JD per person
Info: Camel riding doesn’t require any specific skills or experience. Our camel guides are local Bedouins from Wadi Rum village, distant of touristic roads; their only source of income is to graze camels and guide for camel riding tours. They will really take care of you, they know perfectly the desert, the camels, they will make traditional tea and  sing bedouin songs. If your guide can not understand or answer some of your questions, we will be happy to do it in  the evening at the camp.



Take the jeep to reach all the Wadi Rum highlights: Lawrence's spring, Khazali canyon, the red sand dunes, Um Fruth and Burdah natural bridges... and discover each site by walking at your own pace.
We can build tailored programs, from 1 day tour and up.



Hike and scramble through the magnificent rocks of Wadi Rum, using your hands sometimes (and ropes if you don't feel confident) to climb up to finally reach the top to admire the view. We propose to do it in Burdah site.
See "our programs" page for more informations or contact us for tailored tour.




Our riding tours "in partnership with Jordantracks travel agency" combine the excitment of riding fast spirited Arabian horses and exploring the desert, its culture and heritage. You can come and ride from 1 day to 6 days.
This activity require to be experienced in horse riding and in a good sport condition to enjoy and take advantage of the ride. Also, as our horses are Arabian, they are small and can not carry heavy weight. We do not charge them more than 85 kg.
What is an experienced rider?

-To know how to saddle and unsaddle your horse.

-To know to control your horse at all paces in open area.

-To know how to do rising trot and galop.

Price: 1 hour: 35 JD/person
2 hours: 40 JD/person
Full day (5 hours ride): 75 JD/person (lunch incl.)
Full day (5 hours ride): with overnight: 100 JD/person

All our activities are including: All meals/Mineral water/Bedouin guide/Bivouac equipment.

We can organise for you taxi services from Amman, Aqaba, Madaba... to Wadi Rum.