Jordan Nomads


Jordan Nomads is a bedouin travel & adventure agency based in Wadi Rum Village and managed by Salem Ali Lafi, founder of the company. Salem is a native Bedouin from the Al Zalabiah tribe and a highly qualified desert guide with a long experience in Wadi Rum desert. He has grew up and always lived there with his family.
With Jordan Nomads, you will experience the magical landscapes of the Wadi Rum desert as well as the Bedouin life and hospitality.
From horse riding, to camel tours, jeep tours or trekking, there are multiple ways to discover Wadi Rum. We will be happy to organize the adventure programme corresponding to your needs.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a Middle-East country. The seven branches star on his flag, symbol of muslim values, could also represents : the beauty of this country, the greatness of his history, the magnificence of his landscapes, the generosity of his population, the welcome to everybody, the nobility of his politics, the respect of every spiritualities.
- Capital : Amman
- Population : 6 407 085  
- Area : 92,300 km2
- Government : constitutional monarchy
- King : Abdullah II
- Currency : Jordanian dinar (1 Euro=0,94 JOD ; 1 $=0,70 JOD)
- Language : Arabic (official language) and English
- Religion : 92% Muslims (sunnites), 6% Christians   
Even since the events in border countries, especially in Syria, Jordan is still a very safe country for tourism.


Located in the south Jordan and described by Lawrence of Arabia in "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom", Wadi Rum is the highlight of a Jordan trip. Amazing mountains of sandstone and granite emerge from open valleys to reach heights of over 1700 meters ; and narrow canyons cut deep into the mountains, often concealing ancient rock drawings.
This desert is home to several Bedouin tribes and their goat hair tents are a feature of the landscape. Today, many Bedouin earn their living from tourism but they still retain their goatherds and traditional ways of life.
Wadi Rum still supports a variety of desert wildlife, including small populations of the Syrian wolf, striped hyena and Nubian ibex. Small mammals, insects and reptiles are more common and there are many birds too.
Some of Wadi Rum highlights :
* Lawrence's spring : where Lawrence of Arabia reputedly washed during the Arab Revolt
* Khasali and Barragh canyons : deep, narrow fissure in the mountain side, containing many rock inscriptions
* Burdah and Um Fruth rock bridges : spectacular natural rock arches, with great views 
* An Fashiyeh : Nabatean inscriptions
* Sand dunes, with white, orange or red sand
* Sunset sites